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The never-ending journey to cohesion

Joining CoLab as a facilitating co-leader enabled me to put into incubators' context 25 years of Opening Space for Collective Wisdom.

My intention and main effort was to promote and enable the creation of cohesion as "differentiated wholeness” in face of highly complex, demanding and competitive task - Very much a mirror image of CoLab's task in the Israeli society.

This Journey had taught me cohesion is not a destination that can be reached, it is an ongoing conscious practice!

Cohesion making is a demanding, transparent yet very satisfying work. It is an ongoing conscious attempt to restrain Egos, create space in the center and listen for our emerging shared Eco system, while simultaneously inviting and including all voices and all people.

This craft can and needs to be learned!

#מרחבפתוח #תהליךשיתופי

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