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Tova Averbuch




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יועצת ארגונית

Tova Averbuch, is a 40 years senior Organization Development (OD) consultant, a break-through processes designer, facilitator, teacher and writer. Brought Open Space Technology (OST) to Israel in 1999, pioneers in applying dialogic mindset and methodologies in and cross boundaries  in business, community and socio-political life in Israel and internationally.


Until recently taught Master Degree students of OD in Tel-Aviv University, Recanati school of business. Contributed a chapter to "dialogic OD", first text book published in 2015, B&K publishers.

Tova Brings vitality and creative energy, spirit of generosity and genuine human contact that feed the emergence of human bonding, surprising partnerships and creative solutions to difficult questions. 


  Desiging Participatory Processes


Large Group Interventions


 Mentoring for consultants, group facilitators and hosts  


Dialogic Leadership and Conduct

Personal consultation for leaders and managers

Transparency, engagement, free choise and self organization are   fundumental values that generate brakethroughs and  create sustainable partnerships
This is my passion. Would you like to join?

Tova Averbuch       טובה אורבוך

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