Tova Averbuch

How a Four People Unit Engages Stakeholders in Participatory Strategic Planning and Action – the Story and Its Lessons.

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 The challenge on hand, was seeking a structured way to integrate social and community aspects into the process of physical planning and build...

Qualitative Research on the Israeli Palestinian Open Space Gathering in Rome, 6-9 June 2002

Conducted by: Carol Daniel Kasbari, Avner Haramati...

 Tova Averbuch

A Personal Perspective: 20 years of Opening Space for Myself and Others

1988 was my first year of choosing self employment as a...

Tova Averbuch, May 2007 – December 2008

This abstract of background and methodology is intended to make possible direct contact with and disco...

Comparative analysis and  case study.

The business world is perceived as inherently opposed to the spiritual domain. However, in the last few y...

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